DTS Decoder

After a synchronisation the first stage of the decoder unpacks the coded audio bit stream, detects and if necessary, corrects errors in the bit stream. Finally the data is de-multiplexed into the individual sub-band of each audio channel.

DTS DecoderThe second stage performs an inverse quantization for each differential sub-band and reconstructs the sub-band ADPCM signal using the included side information. The inverse polyphase filterbank reassembles the sub-band signals to a full band PCM signal. There are no routines in the decoder to adjust the audio quality that could claim a high effort on computation time.

The decoder also includes a DSP function block, which can be programmed by the user. This allows computations to be performed on either the sub-band or full-band PCM signals, on individual channels or globally across all channels. The DSP can be used e.g. for up- and down-matrixing, for dynamic range control or for adjustments of inter-channel differential time delays.