Secure Projects

There are a number of situations where software projects have to be carried out with respect to some security-related boundary conditions. Imagine that you want to develop a banking application containing a complex coding algorithm which is supposed to keep unauthorised users from accessing financial data. Unfortunately, you don’t have the necessary human resources to run the project. But how can you possibly subcontract such critical project?Helm A major feature of your security algorithm is that the number of people who have access to it is strictly limited. How can this be achieved with an external company? We at telos are often involved in projects where security issues need to be discussed. We have realised that there is more to such a project than just adding a paragraph to the initial contract with the customer. We have therefore defined procedures especially designed to fit the needs of secure projects. If requested by our customers, these procedures are applied throughout the duration of the software project. Among other items, these procedures contain definitions for the following working activities:

  • Secure internet communication and e-mail processing.
  • Data storage and archiving
  • Project data access control
  • Administrated list of project engineers and their substitutes
  • Record keeping procedures

Our experience with critical projects show that these definitions work well in real life situations.

If you are interested in more details about our secure project program, please contact our sales department.