telos Trainings

You want…

  • to make your education a maximum benefit?
  • professional training courses in high quality, focussed on your personal aims to support your education in practical experience?
  • the advantage of a detailed primary introduction dialogue to discover your previous knowledge and your personal aims in education ?
  • training courses for companies and single persons?
  • an individual scheduled appointment for at least groups of 6 participants?
  • a module based lesson system to be individually assembled for your demands and needs?
  • training courses, held alternatively in house at your company location or at telos (Hamburg, Germany)?
  • teachers beeing involved in professional high technology development projects as well as in teaching to guarantee sophisticated courses for ambitious developers?

…then choose telos as your partner in education!

Usually our courses are held in German, but some are available in English, too. The detailed plan is predominantly available in German.



telos Course 201: ANSI-C This course offers a basic introduction to the programming language C. C is used today in many areas of professional software development as a standard programming language. It is available on most of the hardware platforms b...


telos Course 202: C++ C++ is a portable, object-oriented and all-purpose programming language based on ANSI-C. With these main characteristics it is still the standard tool of successful software development. This training offers a brief and...

I2C Bus

telos Course 212: The I2C-Bus The I2C bus is a simple but yet powerful communication bus. It can be used in numerous ways, however it is essential to understand the definitions, capabilities, limitations and implicit features of this bus in order...