Development of industrial automation applications imposes some particular requirements on both, hard- and software design. Most tasks need to be carried out in real time i.e. within a well defined and predictable time frame.In addition a high level of quality insurance is required to ensure that an application is available 24 hours a day and 365 days per year without interruption.

PCB (3)A detailed knowledge of field buses is required in order to provide a seamless integration with other components.

Profibus, Profinet, Devicenet and Ethernet/IP are just some examples of such inter-machine links which are not only powerfull but also quite complex in detail.

telos offers both, the technical skills and the quality assurance standards to design and develop applications in this field for you.

In many cases such application will consist of a hardware solution as well as firmware and since our engineers are experienced hardware-, software- and codesigners you can take advantage of this profound knowledge.

telos is Digi Embedded Developer Partner (EDP)