Return Of Material

Please make sure to have contacted our support team before returning goods. In most cases we will be able to help you. Make sure to have checked our frequently asked questions FAQ pages for the product. These pages are located right below the product page.

Please follow these steps in order to return goods to telos:

Return for Service

In case goods are sent to telos for service: Include a detailed description on the problems.

General Handling

  1. Request a RMA (Return of Material Authorization) number from our sales department. (Note: NO returns will be accepted without a valid RMA number).
  2. Once you have received your RMA# via e-mail, follow the instructions in the e-mail, or refer to this page for instructions.
  3. Place the item(s) to return in a solid packaging along with all documentation and parts.Important: Please select the smallest possible package dimensions when shipping goods to telos. Most forwarders are charging significant rates for larger parcels, independent of the actual weight.
  4. Prepare a delivery note including the serial numbers of the goods. Write your RMA# on the delivery note.
  5. Address to telos Systementwicklung GmbH
    Service RMA #
    Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 93
    20355 Hamburg
    Please provide our contact information to your forwarder:
    Phone +49 40 450173 – 60 Fax -99
    E-Mail mailto:sales(at)telos(dot)info
  6. We recommend using Fedex to return the goods.
  7. Send us a brief e-mail on your shipment, include the tracking number.
  8. In case goods are not returned for service: Make sure all returned items are in a salable condition.

Return from outside the European Union

Add a proforma invoice for customs purposes. This document shall NOT include software and hardware options like e.g. Tracii XL Tracer Option. Just and only the physical goods you are returning.

Ask us to prepare such a document for you. In case you want to do it on your own, please take care of the following points:

  1. List each hardware item you are returning
  2. Make a note on the product status
    If it is defect, please highlight it on your document
  3. Product value
    If the product is defect use a value apropriate for the pure material, e.g. 10 Euro.
  4. Origin of the goods
  5. Customs Tariff Code
    Ask us for the Tariff Code to be used
  6. Add reason for returning the goods
  7. Place two copies of the documents in the parcel’s address pouch and one copy inside the package

Please take care of never using a customs value higher than the value we charged you. The customs duties and the value added tax are directly related to this value.