Officetelos is successfully carrying out custom development projects for more than 20 years now. This includes hardware design as well as the full range of software engineering activities. One of the valuable side effects of being able to look at so many different projects for numerous customers is a profound understanding of project planning and execution. This allows us to offer consulting services which are somewhat beyond standard hard- and software development.

The following is a brief list of such unclassified activities which are referred to as consulting nowadays.

Prior to project initiation:

  • Feasibility studies for projects with uncertain parameters
  • Time and cost estimations
  • Conceptual planning and global design
  • Project supervision and project management

During a running project:

  • Reviews, cross checks, debugging and optimization of customer-eveloped hard- and software
  • Development of test concept specifications

Creation of test plans and specifications:

  • Analysis of prototypes
  • Development of test environments

Apart from any specific projects:

  • Marketing and sales support regarding website optimization
  • Research and reports on patent and intellectual property issues
  • Technical support during fairs and exibitions
  • Custom designed hands-on training courses (see Training)