telos Systementwicklung GmbH

Since the mid 1980s telos has been developing microcontroller-based hardware and embedded software as well as PC-based drivers and applications. However, telos has widely extended its activities during the recent years. Our team includes several software design specialists and people who are experts in branches like smartcard applications and systems for industrial automation.

Our strength is to be able to work on a system level without barriers between hardware, software, prototype development, FPGA design, field bus integration, testing and other tasks which are essential for a complete solution.

A well-known possibility to get software developed without involving the own team is an option called outsourcing which means to give services to external companies. telos offers its services as an outsourcing partner for a number of business fields.

It is our duty to be up to date with the latest technologies and developments in the field of software, to develop and maintain know-how and to offer our abilities as qualified services on the market. Our staff consists preferably of university graduates with the subject of computer science/data processing and electronic technology. Besides technical skills we attach importance to team-work, comprehensive technical knowledge and an integrated way of thinking.

Assuring quality is a major key to our success. This holds for the hard- and software development processes as well as for our infrastructure. Given that we are largely involved in security-critical areas such as identification devices and safety equipment, we need to guarantee a high level of maturity for our work. The TÜV Nord is our partner for the monitoring of our internal quality system.

Major Technologies

Currently the following items are the major technologies our business deals with.

  • Design of embedded systems with 8- to 32-Bit microcontrollers, DSPs and large programmable logic devices
  • Creation of data communication hardware, software, protocols and development tools
  • Development of Smartcard applications
  • Firmware for embedded systems, ranging from 8-Bit assembly code to embedded Linux driver and ARM – based application development
  • Consulting and Training


ISO 9001Customers do not only expect a delivery and performance according to the contract but also the absolute keeping of procedures that guarantee a constant quality. The TÜV Nord is responsible for the control of our internal quality system.

Since 1997 we are certified in accordance with ISO 9001, currently ISO 9001:2015. Customers may like to receive a copy of our certification document as a proof for the rating of their suppliers. Using quality management systems to make software development more predictable has been a task of almost every business in this field. telos has spent quite some effort to create a quality policy which is optimally tailored to our needs and the requirements of our customers.