For our customers telos develops systems-based software on the innovative and free operating system Linux. At the moment there are two main aspects of development:


Device Drivers

For some projects hardware is needed for which the manufacturer does not offer Linux support in the form of device drivers. In such cases telos can develop device drivers for such 3rd party hardware. We can also develop device drivers for hardware, which has been developed by the customer especially for a project.

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Embedded Systems

We are experienced in the field of embedded systems based on Linux, as well.

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Examples for Linux Projects

Here are some examples of our Linux activities. These projects have been implemented for our customers or for an internal usage here at telos during the past years:


A bootloader to start Linux from ROM or flash RAM without any BIOS required, e.g. for small embedded systems.


Low-Level Device Drivers

… for access to flash memory, to I2C buses and other serial interfaces.

Linux H.323 – ISDN Gateway

A VoIP (H.323) – POTS (ISDN) Gateway based on Linux.


RCAPI facsimile transmitter and receiver software to be used with routers and PBX systems from Bintec Communications AG.