Support Policy

All our standard products, both, hard- and software are licensed for lifetime. Product owner do not have limitations on how to proceed with the goods, you may commit them to third parties without limitations.

Service Contracts

A service contract relates to telos hardware product purchased, it lasts at least 12 months. It includes

After the end of the contract you may of course continue using your software. However you will not benefit from software released later on.

Check our download pages for updates.

Initial Service Contracts

With each purchase you get a free service contract for the hardware in charge. This contract is valid 12 months. So you will benefit from our service and coming software releases for one year for free.

This is an important issue since telos is extending the software capabilities on a regular base.

Extending Service Contracts

With the end of a service contract you may consider extending the service period to benefit from the additional capabilities of coming release or make use of our support.

The price depends on the product and the enabled options.


Service Contract Extension Prices

Connii MM/ Connii MM 2.0 50 Euro
Tracii XL/XL 2.0 195 Euro
Tracii XL/ XL 2.0 Option: Analog 200 Euro
Tracii XL/XL 2.0 Option: High Speed 130 Euro
Tracii XL/XL 2.0 Option: Labview 50 Euro
Tracii XL/XL 2.0 Option: Tracer 290 Euro
telos I2C Negative Tester 290 Euro

The figures are for an extension of the service contract by one year.


In case you extend the service contracts for more than one year, you will get a discount

two years – 10%

three years – 20%

four years – 30%

If a service contract is extended after its expiration date, the start of the new contract is one day after the end of the last one. For products having several options enabled please add the respective values.

Fair Price Guarantee

Whenever you are updating your service contract, you will never pay more than 50 percent of the initial product price excluding discounts. However, this is limited to get a service contract running up to your purchasing date.


Please be so kind to send us the serial number of the unit you want to extend the service contract for.

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