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If the examined I2C bus is heavily loaded, it can be very difficult to find the I2C messages of interest. E.g. on a fully loaded I2C bus, whose master works with 400 kHz, in the worst case up to 20,000 messages/sec are recorded.

Find Message Rules

Find Message Rules

Define I2C Studio Submessage Rule

Define I2C Studio Submessage Rule

That is why telos I2C Studio comes with a find window allowing to define very complex search criterions:

  • Address Rule
  • Data Rules
  • Event Rules
  • Length Rules
  • Testpin Rules
  • IRD Register Rules
  • IRD Value Rules
  • Submessage Rules
    • Length
    • Address
    • Direction
    • Data Bytes
    • Byte Time
    • Submessage Time
  • Messages Rules
    • Submessages
    • Message Time
    • Idle Time
    • Testpins
  • Messages Status
    • ACK
    • NACK

Several rules can be combined using the following logic operations:

  • AND
  • OR
  • XOR


telos I2C Studio: Trace Mode/Find Errors

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Supported I2C Products

Tracii XL
Tracii XL
Tracii XL 2.0
Tracii XL 2.0
Connii MM 2.0
Connii MM 2.0