telos Optii – I2C Galvanic Isolation/Level Shifter


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Optii is an integrated isolation and level shifting device for the I2C bus. It can be used in all applications which are subject to the risk of having differing potentials. Unlike other solutions Optii supports extended fast mode transmission up to 800 kHz depending on the electrical environment.

In case you do not need a galvanic insulation, you might be interested in our product Levii.


  • Galvanic isolation for the I2C bus
  • Integrated level shifter for voltages between 1.5 V and 5.5 V
  • Two bi-directional insulated lines for SCL and SDA
  • Two additional uni-directional insulated lines
  • Small robust plastic housing with two standard Mini-DIN connectors
  • Power is taken from the I2C power lines
  • Works with all telos I2C Interfaces as Connii MM 2.0 and Tracii XL 2.0
  • And, of course with your I2C bus

Application Area

  • Optii is indispensable in environments with a risk of differing potentials between two or more I2C components
  • In distributed systems without a dedicated ground connection


Connect your Optii inbetween the two I2C busses you want to separate.

Both sides of Optii need to be connected to the respective I2C bus VCC and ground level. Connect pin 3 of the connector to GND and pin 4 to VCC.   Do not use internal power of Tracii XL 2.0. Provide a separate power supply.

Take care of having VCC and GND of both I2C busses separated. Otherwise you of course loose the galvanic separation.

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