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Smart Battery

IRD Plugin Manager

IRD Plugin Manager

The widely used Smart Battery standard, which has been released by the SBS Forum, defines several classes of devices typically available in a battery powered system:

  • Data (battery)
  • Charger
  • Selector
  • Manager

Each of these devices is standardized as an SMBus slave.

Here is our SMBus application note. And another one for Smart Battery.

Our product telos Tracii XL 2.0 offers a sophisticated solution for analysing Smart Battery Systems (SBS).

There are IRD files available, which make debugging of a Smart Battery setup a lot easier.

SmartBattery Raw

SmartBattery Raw

Here you can see that an SMBus master has transferred an 0x16 to an SBS battery.

The traced data of Smart Battery devices are automatically converted into human readable information.

SmartBattery Highlevelinterpretation

SmartBattery Highlevel

Without the SBS standard on the developer’s desktop this value is very difficult to interpret.

Display Examples
SmartBattery Visualisation

SmartBattery Visualisation

SmartBattery Visualisation

SmartBattery Visualisation


More details on the Smart Battery standard.


You can easily evaluate the Smart Battery feature for free without limitation. Download the I2C Studio installation package and use the Pseudo I2C Interface ‘Dummy’.

Download >>>

After evaluation you may consider purchasing an A/D and a Tracer license for your Tracii XL 2.0 to use this feature.