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telos I2C Tracer Devices

telos is an engineering company in Germany. Since 1997 we are developing appliances for I2C Interfacing and I2C Testing. We are selling our products directly to give you the best possible support.

Below you will find an overview on our I2C analysing products. They show you what’s going on your the I2C bus. Please click on the respective product to get more details.

Connii MM 2.0

Tracii XL
Connii MM 2.0 Tracii XL 2.0
PC interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0
No external power supply necessary
Maximum trace speed ~300kb/s stretching
~100kbit/s not stretching
3.3 Mbit/s
Relative time stamps within bytes
Absolute time stamps
Optional analog tracer option
Optional analog tracing: sampling rate 40 Mhz
Low voltage support starting 1.8 Volt 1.0 Volt
Integrated level shifter
Test pin tracing
Sophisticated EMC protection
No bus stretching
Price for tracer solution

218,00 Add to basket

935,00 Add to basket

base device plus Tracer

895,00 Add to basket

Connii MM 2.0 Tracii XL 2.0
A more detailed overview of all software and hardware features can be found on our Product Comparison page.