Matlab is a mathematical, vector-based software created by The Mathworks Inc., the company is located in Massachusetts, USA.

It includes an interactive development environment, specialized for mathematic, scientific and technical calculations. It includes a very efficient and technically mature programming language providing an extensive instruction set and high specialized operations. This gives a developer a maximum degree of freedom and usability for the application. Even the processing of a large quantity of data can often be reduced to a very limited number of operations.

The brilliant possibilities of visualization gives the user the opportunity for a fast and efficient illustration of complex data sets and calculation results. This allows for a comprehensive simulation and concise analysis of the status of a dedicated development project.

Additional libraries, called toolboxes (e.g. Simulink), provide a huge extension of functions to the existing versatile fields of operation and allow for a fitting and sophisticated implementation.

The concept and examination of mathematic or scientific algorithms is as possible as the solution of technical problems. This makes advanced analysis and development in all areas of natural and engineering science possible.

Thus, Matlab is a powerfull platform for all kinds of hard- and software development providing the opportunity of efficient workflow. So a significant reduction of development time and costs is possible. These advantages often can’t be reached using conventional programming languages. So Matlab is almost essential for experienced software designers during versatile and flexible growing development projects.

telos successfully uses this development environment for years.

To give some examples: telos uses ..

  • .. Matlab during initial examinations as precondition for the decision of launching larger projects
  • .. Matlab as a parallel development environment to verify, monitor and track the project status of development on integrated hardware platforms
  • .. Matlab for simulation and visualisation of complex realtime systems
  • and created application-based Matlab-tools for subsequent development phases to validate simulation results. The validation results were compared to the defined system specification by following the rules of quality. This guarantees the compliance of the requirements and supports the developer to update and extend the system design

The latest development projects contain the development of realtime-based code compression algorithms for audio and video signal processing, pre-studies for development of digital systems for transmission and communication, feasibility studies for medical science and diagnostics, and software validations in the area of automotive security systems.

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