telos Tracii XL 2.0 / telos I2C Negative Tester 2016 Edition

telos Tracii XL 2.0 and telos Negative Testertelos is continuously working on improvements to our I2C products. This assures that customers always benefit from the best and latest available technology. In early 2016 we started to ship a new version of our market leading telos Tracii XL 2.0 and telos I2C Negative Tester.

2016 Edition

The devices are fully compatible to the previous edition with respect to both, hard- and software. In order to use it you need to run I2C Studio 5.9.2 (or newer). This software was released in September 2015.

You can recognize this edition by checking the label at the bottom of the case. A manufacturing date of 2016 ff is the marker for it.

Mixed Szenario

If you intend to have a 2016 edition telos Tracii XL 2.0 or telos I2C Negative Tester running on a PC which also runs older versions of the telos I2C appliances you might fall intro problems if the service contract of the oldest telos device ends before September 2015. I.e. if you are not able to use at least the above I2C Studio 5.9.2 version.

The new appliances haves a slightly different hardware which is not supported by older software.


Before upgrading to the latest version of I2C Studio, always make sure that your older equipment can be used with it or that you have an alternative PC on which an older version of I2C Studio can be installed. Anyway you can go back to older versions all the time. They are available online.

The best solution is to keep your service contracts up to date and take advantage of all the new features we built in. Please contact our sales department for any quotation you may require.