MotorToday, modern car technology includes a great variety of electronic components which are connected to a control and surveillance network.

One major goal is the integration of security depending systems and multimedia devices, using different structured types of communication buses.

Car and system control, diagnostic and other security-based systems are connected via CAN bus, whereas the multimedia devices communicate via MOST bus.

These different protocols must be executable on a central on-board unit permitting alternating and hierarchical processing without causing any system conflicts. This requires a sophisticated framework to coordinate and control all these processes.

Innovation is often demanded by customer. Therefore system development for the next car generation is mostly completely new and doesn’t allow a shared use of existing components.

The integration of different systems with various tasks in a limited space and under the restrictions of extreme environmental and atmospheric conditions like temperature demands for a high standard and large-scaled knowledge in system design. So the requirement for a system which is robust and insusceptible to malfunction must be observed carefully.

One basic precondition for developers is, beside the profound knowledge of the single systems technology, a system spanning and holistic imagination of the project. All project-dependant work must be done by focussing the global system structure to guarantee the high quality requirements during the consolidation of the single components.

Due to the fact that development in this special area of technology is done in huge, internationally staffed teams, the capability of team communication is a determinating factor to identify and solve problems prematurely.

telos regularly participates in automotive projects. The following list shows a small selection of past projects:

  • Bluetooth connection for GSM cell phones
  • MP3 and surround audio platforms
  • DVB-T using MPEG2 video streams for digital TV and DAB for digital radio
  • Mobile connection to the internet (e-mail client, WWW etc.)
  • DVD and CD support
  • Remote control of car system functions via GSM
  • GPS navigation integration
  • Security-oriented car access (remote keyless entry) and immobilizer protocols. Both links are heading to German pages.
  • Cross-linking of single systems to realize a customized guidance system connected to an external guidance center to provide applications for navigation, general information and emergency call functions
  • Extensive system test before the launch of a new model type
  • Creation of functional test procedures for quality assurance departments of car manufacturers and component supplier companies