I2C Bus

telos Course 212: The I2C-Bus

The I2C bus is a simple but yet powerful communication bus. It can be used in numerous ways, however it is essential to understand the definitions, capabilities, limitations and implicit features of this bus in order to develop and implement solid concepts based on this system.

telos has the perfect tool chain for working with all I2C components. telos offers on-site training for engineers who want to learn all relevant details on the I2C bus and the telos products without digging out all the tiny pieces of information themselves.

The training can be customized to fit exactly the working environment at the client’s site, it can even go as far as direct application review.

Demanded previous knowledge basic knowledge in electronics
Duration 1 day
Maximum number of participants 10 persons
Attendance fee per person 280,- € plus VAT

Course Content:

  • the basic concept of I2C.
  • I2C bus variants.
  • different speed levels.
  • electrical consideration
  • bus termination
  • data flow considerations
  • protocol considerations
  • frame layout and frame errors
  • the single master concept
  • the multimaster concept
  • undesireable concepts
  • the meaning of repeated start conditions
  • using tracii as an I2C master
  • basic commands
  • tracii in slave mode
  • tracii as a monitor
  • hardware setup
  • filters and views
  • logging and custom evaluations

This training is be done by engineers who are involved in I2C related development and therefore have the deepest possible knowledge about this technology.

Please contact our sales department for further details.