telos is a leading vendor of I2C bus interfaces and I2C bus monitors. We introduced our first I2C scanner in 1997 and have been working on new products and tools continuously. Meanwhile there are several I2C bus adapter vendors on the market. What makes our products different? Well, there are several aspects but let’s focus on

I2C Software Excellence

For our I2C Tools we provide the software I2C Studio and the library I2C Framework for free. Both are outstanding, modern and powerful tools. Have a try and download them for evaluation.

I2C Product Support

We are supporting all our products directly. You will get substantial feedback by one of our engineers within 24 hours on business days.


telos has been founded in 1988. 30 years of superior engineering expertise makes our product outstanding focusing on technical features, usability and, of course on quality. telos is ISO 9000 certified since 1997.