I2C Scheduler Does Not Respond

When I try to open a new window in I2C Studio I get an error message like “I2C scheduler does not respond”. What is the I2C scheduler and what is the reason for the I2C scheduler not to answer request of I2C Studio?
I2C Studio does not communicate directly with the drivers of the I2C boards. Instead I2C Studio communicates with the I2C scheduler. The I2C scheduler acts as a kind of multiplexer/demultiplexer (connects I2C boards and I2C software clients).
I2C Studio and the I2C scheduler are using a TCP/IP connection (local loopback device, port 3000) for the communication. Maybe there is a firewall software on your PC which blocks this TCP port and makes it impossible for I2C Studio to communicate with the I2C Scheduler. Another reason could be another process, which uses the same TCP port.You could use a tool like TCPView  to monitor the used TCP ports.