telos Course 201: ANSI-C

This course offers a basic introduction to the programming language C. C is used today in many areas of professional software development as a standard programming language. It is available on most of the hardware platforms by using special designed C compilers. The application range comprises hardware programming for DSP or microcontroller, driver development and PC application software.

This course features a balanced combination of theory and practical work. The introduction to all parts of the language are supported by programming exercises to achieve the ability to develop first step software in C by using structured programming.

Demanded previous knowledge none
Duration 4 days
Maximum number of participants 10 persons
Attendance fee per person 1120,- € plus VAT

Course Content:

  • Introduction to C using exclusive examples
  • Data types and variables
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Control statements
  • Functions
  • Recursions
  • Strings, pointer and arrays
  • Dynamic storage management
  • Structures and unions
  • I/O-Operations
  • Mathematic functions
  • Preprocessor / macros
  • Include-File / linker
  • Concepts for error reduction, identification and elimination