General Information


Our shop is limited to business customers. Private individuals are not permitted to order, sorry.
If companies prefer to send us their requests by e-mail, fax or call us please contact us this way. E-mail inquiries are prefered to be able to copy your data directly into our system.


All our products must not be used in either of the following applications:

  • life support systems
  • military applications
  • nuclear power plants
  • applications where software or hardware failure of the telos product may cause injuries or environmental damages.

Delivery time

Goods are shipped at least one day after the order is established. Most goods are on stock.


For almost all non-German locations we use FedEx International First. FedEx needs one working day for shipping to the U.S. and up to two working days for western Europe. Other countries are usually delivered within four working days.

You may track the status of your FedEx parcel as soon as you get the tracking ID from telos.


Documentation of hard- and software is provided electronically in .pdf files. Software needs to be downloaded here.

Value Added Tax

Since all products are for industrial customers only, prices are excluding VAT. telos does not sell product to private individuals.

European Union Customers

Members of the European Union EU having a valid VAT ID Number are requested to list their VAT number on the order. If your number is not included, you will be charged VAT. Other international customers are delivered free of VAT in any case.


Prepayment by wire transfer / credit card. For well-known customers other conditions are possible

Credit Cards


telos accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Alipay Additionally you can pay using AliPay.

Wire Transfers

Here is an important note to keep in mind when wiring money: You usually get three modes of handling banking fees: “our”, “shared” or “bent”. Please use “our” to indicate that the banking fees are not taken off the actual amount you are transferring. Our bank does not charge for incoming wires but the bank you are using may do so along the way.

Shipping Rates

  • Germany: 7,50 €
  • Germany, Express delivery: 33 €
  • Western European Union countries: 33 €
  • Eastern European Union countries: 47 €
  • Europe, non EU countries: 47 €
  • USA and Kanada: 42 €
  • Asia & Mexico: 55 €
  • India, Brazil: 65 Euro
  • Rest of the world: 65 Euro
  • Shipping on customers account – within Germany / EU: 10 Euro
  • Shipping on customers account – international: 35 Euro

International Commercial Terms

We are shipping FCA – free carrier Hamburg. The buyer is subject to import charges and duties.

Distributors And International Sales

Please check our statement on distributors.

Do not assume e-mails to work in any case

Due to heavy spam attacks, we are running several strategies to keep the volume of spam-mails reasonable.

Unfortunatelly we cannot completely make sure not to decline real mails. So, please if you get a message about mail-problems, please come back to us by mail / fax or this form.

We are always answering mails within 24 hours during working days, so please come back to us in case there is no answer within one day.

German Customers – Deutsche Kunden

Unsere Geräte werden aussschließlich an gewerbliche Kunden verkauft, bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie die Geräte auch aussschließlich an Unternehmen weitergeben. Sollten Sie die Ware an Unternehmen außerhalb Deutschlands weitergeben, so bitte wir um Nachricht.

Elektroaltgeräte unserer Produktion schicken Sie uns bitte auf Ihre Kosten zur Verwertung zurück. Nehmen Sie dazu gerne im Vorwege oder bei Fragen Kontakt mit uns auf.

Dazu bitte einfach entsprechend unsere Return Of Material Vorgabe vorgehen, die generelle RMA Nummer für diesen Zweck lautet “Elektroaltgerät”.

Unsere Geräte enthalten keine Batterien, Akkus oder besonders zu handhabende Komponenten, daher ist diesbezüglich nichts zu beachten.