Tracer Statistic View

I2C Studio offers the Statistic Viewer which can be used to get a quick overview of all messages transferred on the I2C bus.

I2C Studio Statistic View

I2C Studio Statistic View

The view contains one line of statistics for each I2C slave, which has been addressed. Moreover, there is a line combining the statistics of all I2C slaves.


The user can enable the following statistics:

  • Errors (number of sub-messages containing an error)
  • Sub-Messages (number of sub-messages sent to this I2C slave)
  • Byte (total number of bytes, which have been exchanged with this I2C slave)
  • Time/Byte (minimum, average, and maximum times needed to exchange one data byte with this I2C slave)
  • Time/Sub-Message (minimum, average, and maximum times needed to exchange a sub-messages with this I2C slave)
  • Length/Sub-Message (minimum, average, and maximum number of bytes within a sub-messages exchanged with this I2C slave)

Some values are not available when tracing with Connii MM and Connii MM 2.0.

Additionally, a graphic column is available that displays the minimum, maximum and average values in stacked bars.



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Supported I2C Products

Tracii XL
Tracii XL
Tracii XL 2.0
Tracii XL 2.0
Connii MM 2.0
Connii MM 2.0
supportedsupportedwith limitations

*Connii MM 2.0 with limitations