User Manual

I2C Studio Documentation Download

The most recent documentation can be get by installing our Software telos I2C Studio.
In case you do not want to install the whole software package you may consider quickly downloading the documentation of the I2C Framework and I2C Studio from this page.
Some versions of MS Windows do not display Help Files (CHM), which can be downloaded from the Internet. If you have any problems (e.g. the opened files are empty), save the files to your hard disk. On Windows Vista it is necessary to open the property page of the file and click on the “Unblock” button.

The files refer to telos I2C Studio 5.15.1. If you need another version, simply download and install the requested telos I2C Studio version.

I2C .NET API Windows Help File

i2capi_dotnet.chm 3 MB

I2C C API Windows Help File

i2capi_c.chm 213 kB

I2C C++ API Windows Help File

i2capi_cpp.chm 950 kB

I2C Java API Windows Help File

i2capi_java.chm 609 kB

I2C Labview API Windows Help File

i2capi_labview.chm 165 kB

I2C URT/URD API Windows Help File

i2capi_urt_urd.chm 163 kB

I2C Studio User Manual

I2C Studio User Manual 5 MB

I2C Flasher User Manual

I2C_Flasher_User_Manual.pdf 281 kB

IRD User Manual

IRD_User_Manual.pdf 430 kB