I2C Flasher

Tracii XL 2.0

Almost every electronic hardware has some kind of computer memory. One way to interface it is the I2C bus. telos put all its I2C experience in developing a professional tool for programming I2C memory devices.

Our I2C flasher is an industrial solution for your EEPROM and flash programming needs. You do not need to consider the special behaviour of the connected memory as its memory mapping model etc.; just simply connect and flash it. Nearly all EEPROM memorys are supported natively in quick access mode, which means that they can be programmed and verified at the best possible speed. In addition, the I2C Flasher supports programming of the NPX (formerly Philips Semiconductors) UOC3 devices.


  • USB-based
  • Supports a wide range of I2C voltage levels from 1,2 V up to 5,5 V
  • Uses page-writing for faster operation
  • Supports standard, fast and high-speed mode up to 2 MBits/s
  • Allows setting of essential bus parameters like termination and clock speed
  • Reads binary, ASCII Hex and Intel Hex file format
  • Provides log file option
  • Supports input testpins to trigger flash process
  • Supports prefix messages sent before flashing, e.g. to switch between I/O expander ports
  • Supports flashing over TCP/IP networks (I2C via Internet)
  • Supports VESA DDC1/DDC2-compliant memory devices, maintains serial number counter and manufacturing date automatically

Supported I2C Devices

I2C Flasher supports a bunch of I2C memories from different vendors as Atmel, Catalyst, Fairchild, ISSI, Microchip, Philips, Samsung and ST Microelectronics. Please check the detailed list.


To get an impression of the I2C Flasher we recommend to download the manual.

Download >>>


You can easily evaluate the I2C Flasher for free without limitation with the virtual I2C product. Download the software as part of the I2C Studio installation package.

Download >>>

Supported I2C Products

Tracii XL
Tracii XL
Tracii XL 2.0
Tracii XL 2.0


Finally the best: This product comes for free with your Tracii XL / Tracii XL 2.0!