How Do I Capture NAKs From Tracii XL And Resume Program?

I want to keep track of the number of NAKs returned from our test board via the Tracii XL. Currently an exception is thrown and the program exits. I need to be able to detect a NAK, increment a counter, and then return to the program where it left off. I do not want it to exit because I want to know how many NAKs I get after 1000 writes and reads. How do I do this?
You simply have to use the try/catch commands of C++ or C#. You can increment a counter in the catch handler. 
How do I exit the catch without exiting the program? I want to catch the NAK, increment the counter, and then try again. Can I use a goto statement? I am not familiar with object oriented programming. I prefer in-line code like C and assembly. They are much more straight forward. 
As most software is written today using OOP languages, we do not support ANSI C.
I would recommend to have a look into a C++ book for beginners. Maybe Bruce Eckel's free “Thinking in C++” book could be interesting for you: