How To Set A Valid Bitrate?

I have a Tracii XL hooked up to I2C Studio.
Running C# .NET scipt I set the master.Bitrate = 105260;

I then get the following message:

Error: The specified bitrate is not valid.
Error: Unhandled Exception: System.Exception: Please call Board::Dispose to destroy a Board object.
at telos.I2cApi.DotNet.Board.Finalize()

This is a valid bitrate for the Tracii XL, so why do I get an error message?

Please, read the I2C.NET API documentation.
The HardwareInfo::master_sampling_rate array list does *not* contain the value “105260”. So it is not a valid speed for the XL hardware. You could use for example “105263” with Tracii XL.
Why do we not list all the possible bitrates?
Well, there are up to 2^16 valid values and these values depend on the used I2C board. All valid values for a board are stored in the mentioned variable. So output the variable and you have the bitrates you can use.